(Cloud Video with Mutual Audio Communication)

The system uses digital camera as the front end. At the backend the (cloud) server records the students’ operations with both audio and video information, for checking process of the study, analysing the operation, and examining all operations. At the same time, it supports remote real-time teaching, remote monitoring, and studying through classic cases. It can make full use of various teaching resources by taking the networking advantages to provide more references and assessments for students. It therefore can greatly strengthen clinical teaching skills, students’ operation capabilities and clinical independent thinking abilities.

The system is built on top of our advanced clouding platform with no need to waste extra manpower and resources. It records the courses under normal teaching status and with the normal logic teaching progress. Both real operation processes and details are noted down together with automatically forming a high-definition video file afterwards to reproduce the real lecturing situation. At the same time the system comes with a powerful video clipping and re-publishing platform in which teachers can edit course videos in a highly efficient way.